The HAWK's data protection declaration implements the information obligations of the Basic Data Protection Ordinance under Art. 13 DSGVO. The HAWK thus informs you as a user of this website about the type, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data.

As a matter of principle, we only process your personal data insofar as this is necessary to provide a functioning website as well as our contents and services. Your personal data will only be processed regularly with your consent. Exceptions apply in those cases where prior consent cannot be obtained for actual reasons and the processing of the data is permitted by statutory provisions.

Our website uses Matomo - formerly Piwik - a so-called web analysis service. Matomo creates a so-called cookie (see above) which transfers usage information exclusively to our own server in Germany.

Among other things, access numbers, search terms, page views, dwell times and user settings such as browser, plug-ins and resolution are collected. Only the first two octets of the user's IP address are stored, so that the data collected cannot be traced back to individual persons.

The stored data is used exclusively for the technical and editorial optimisation of the HAWK website. The information stored in the cookie is not passed on to third parties under any circumstances.

If you do not want this anonymous data to be collected from you, it is sufficient if you object to so-called "tracking" with a mouse click.

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